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At the Hotel Bellevue, we dedicated much effort to find recipes of some Slovene dishes, still prepared in vernacular kitchens according to the Pohorje region’s culinary tradition. We revived the age-old recipes and made them attractive and appealing to the exquisite taste of the new generation of gourmets.



Culinary secrets of the Pohorje people


Besides the traditional cold cuts such as: "Pohorska bunka” (dried pork meat), venison sausages, salami and “meso iz tunke” (smoked pork preserved in lard) which we serve as a starter called “Pohorska plata” (the “Pohorje Plate”), our menu also offers a wide selection of pâtés and spreads (cheese, herb, trout, millet spreads), home-baked bread, “štruklji” (cooked sweet or sour dough rolls), the “Prekmurje gibanica” (layer pie), apple and blueberry strudel, the popular “Pohorska omleta”(sweet omelette with fruit fulling) and traditional soups, stews and hot pots such as: mushroom soup, veal stew and the “Pohorje pot”…. Those wanting to spend a day in nature will be offered a picnic gear together with a refreshing and delicious snack.


The traditional Slovene dishes as well as those of the Pohorje region are served upon the guests’ requests in the Rosika restaurant and in the fireplace room Kamin soba. Whereas guests can treat themselves with a dessert, a good cup of coffee or a glass of a special blueberry eau-de-vie “črničevec” in the restaurant bar or on the terrace overlooking the city of Maribor.



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