Wellness center Bellevue

Here you can find relaxation, clean your body, and refresh your mind and spirit!

Hotel Bellevue is open.

Wellness center will be open between 2.30pm and 6.30pm on 24.12. and 31.12. 2019.





Opening hours: 2pm – 9.30pm.








Aroma steam bath - Turkish sauna

(45C - 50C / 100% humidity)
Fine water steam with essential oils has a soothing effect on the respiratory tract and improves its operation.


Extreme sauna - Finnsh sauna

(80C - 100C / 15% - 30% humidity)
It stimulates the heart beat and activity of the kidneys, which secrete salts and toxis substances from the body.


Chromotherapeutic Sauna - Finnish sauna

(60C - 80C /15% - 30% humidity)
Strengthens your system and relieves the stress. It heats the body in the depth and has a positive effect on.


Steam bath - Turkish sauna

(40C - 45C / 100% humidity)
It humidifies and cleans your respiratory tract. It helps fighting colds.


Suprise shower

63 showers with different temperatures guaranteee unique refreeshment after you leave the sauna.


Lacinium - Milld sauna

(35C - 37C / 20% - 30% humidity)
Heated resting area with ionization wall and selected fragrance offers a feeling of freshmess and perfect relaxation.


Resting area

Three separate spaces for resting and cooling on the outer terrace on fresh Pohorje air.


Ice Cave

It is excellent for an extreme body cooling with ice.




Please, arrive to the Bellevue Wellness Centre 10 minutes before your treatment is due to begin. Only this way we will ensure services you and other guests expect. In case you arrive too late we will have to limit your treatment in time.


Peace and quiet

We kindly ask you to speak quietly in the Bellevue Wellness Centre, because we want to ensure complete relaxation for all guests.


Health condition

Please acquaint the therapist about your health condition when you first arrive, for example, if you are pregnant. Individuals with serious illnesses are recommended to consult their doctor before starting any treatment.



We strongly advise you to make a reservation for selected services and programmes over the phone or in person at the reception of the Bellevue Wellness Centre few days before the desired date, or at least 1 day before the desired date, until 12 pm. We kindly ask the guests, who are not staying in the hotel, to state their name, surname, and telephone number when making a reservation, in case of any possible changes.



Please inform us of any possible cancellation at least 24 hours before the reserved date. For any cancellations less than 2 hours before the reserved time we will charge 50% of the service. If you fail to cancel the reserved service and you don’t use it, we will charge you with the whole price.


Means of payment

We kindly ask you to pay for the service when making a reservation or before the treatment begins. It is possible to pay in cash or with credit cards, whereas hotel guests can pay for costs of service along with other accommodation expenses.



In the Bellevue Wellness Centre you can also buy state-of-the-art products of the Babor cosmetics.
Babor cosmetics is based on source thermal water from Aachen, Germany, which is rich with minerals and life-crucial elements, and restores perfect skin balance.
Terme Maribor are also the exclusive distributor of these products on the Slovenian market.


Gift coupons

Surprise your dear ones, your friends, your acquaintances or business partners with perfect relaxation. At the reception of the Bellevue Wellness Centre we will gladly recommend an appropriate service for anyone.


Renovated fitness center at the Hotel Bellevue


Fitness center at the Hotel Bellevue is equipped with premium fitness equipment produced by Precor. Workout is possible on: bicycles, elliptical trainer, multifunctional device, weights benches and abdominal workout bench.

Regular workout in fitness centers increases muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, reduces possibility of injuries, reduces rehabilitation time after injuries, increases cardio-respiratory function and is beneficial for overall well being. At the same time it helps you monitor your weight, transform your body, reduce the symptoms of aging and improve the quality of life.

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