Habakuk Congress Centre




The Habakuk Congress and Event Center stands out for the quality of its services, its many years of tradition, and its modern technology.

It offers a broad variety of choices and is easily accessible, only a stone’s throw from the freeway and close to three international airports.


Habakuk’s covered garage has 200 parking places, and there are 300 free parking places nearby in addition to regular public transport options 100 m from the site.


Maribor’s friendly people and pleasant atmosphere ensure that nobody leaves unimpressed.


The Habakuk Congress Centre offers 1,600sq m of space. It boasts six different halls, seating 830 people in total. It also features two foyers providing the perfect setting for banquets, receptions, special events and exhibitions.



To ensure seamless organisation of your meetings, the following facilities are available:


  • registration/information desk (adjacent to the halls)
  • equipment for audio-visual presentations (LCD projectors, laptops)
  • access to the Internet
  • projection screen
  • digital projectors
  • table and wireless microphones
  • flip-charts
  • exhibition panels
  • overhead projectors
  • slide projectors
  • workrooms for organisers

It is located on the ground floor of the Congress Centre, offering 404sq m of space.  The hall has theatre-style seating for up to 400 people or, together with the balcony, up to 500. Parliamentary seating style is suitable for up to 180 people.

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The hall features a projection screen (7 x 9 m) and a stage (13 x 7 m).





It is located on the first floor of the Congress Centre, offering 230sq m of space. The theatre-style arrangement seats up to 220 people, while the parliamentary seating style up to 140.  In front of the hall is a foyer (200sq m), suitable for banquets, receptions or exhibitions. The hall and the foyer can be linked together to form a single room.

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The hall with natural daylight and 150 square meters is located near the main entrance of the Habakuk hotel. The theater placement seats up to 120 participants, the parliamentary setting up to 70 participants and the U-placement up to 50 participants. In front of the hall there's a lobby, suitable for banquets or exhibitions. In the Crystal hall we can also prepare a variety of receptions, banquets and social events with cocktail treats.


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It covers 76m2. The theatre-style arrangement seats up to 80 people, the U seating style up to 32 and the parliamentary seating style up to 40.

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Primožič, Vokač and Teply Halls – they offer 54sq m of space and seat up to 50 people in theatre-style arrangement, up to 28 in parliamentary seating style and up to 22 in U seating style.

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The Diplomatic Club consists of the Oval Room and the Round Room. There is a reception room between the two, a perfect place for receptions or banquets.

The Round Room caters for 20 delegates who may be seated at a round table. Other people may be seated in the second row around the table. 

The Oval Room caters for 12 delegates who may be seated at an oval table.

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Two foyers are available near the conference halls, offering 400sq m of space – they make a perfect setting for exhibitions, presentations and various promotional events.
The banquets may be organised directly in the exhibition area.

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