Aroma Body Peeling

Sea salt and aromatic oils are gently rubbed into the body which helps the skin to be flexible and pleasantly soft. 20 min / 22€


Aroma Body Peeling with applying the cream

Sea salt and aromatic oils are gently rubbed into the body which helps the skin to be flexible and pleasantly soft, followed by the application of cream depending on the type of skin. 30 min / 30€


Anti-Cellulite Massage

A combination of classical and aromatherapy massage activates deeper adjacent cells. This enhance the blood circulation and cell reconstruction by decreasing the amount of toxic substances in the body. 40 min / 42€


Anti-Cellulite Care with Algae

Algae contain a lot of minerals and are therefore indispensable in reshaping of certain parts of the body and removing cellulite. Since algae accelerate cellular metabolism, the body with vitamins and minerals, and thus the skin becomes smooth, more toned and elastic. 90 min / 62€


Anti-Cellulite Therapy (Aroma Wrapping)

Aromawickel is a special method where certain body parts are wrapped. This procedure is highly effective and helps in case of lymphatic congestion, hematoma, tendency of swelling and removes cellulite. 40 min / 45 €



Stimulating function of ultrasonic cavitation and vacuum represents non-invasive painless, safe and quick alternative to liposuction that helps removing cellulite. 20 min / 69€, 40 min / 89€



Using the Green IRF device radiofrequency method stimulates the formation of new collagen in the body thus rejuvenating the skin.


Upperarm 20€

Face and Decollette 70€

Thigs and Buttocks 50€

Abdomen 30€



Lymphatic drainage done with a special device is comparable to manual lymphatic drainage. It stimulates the drainage of lymphatic fluid, stimulates blood circulation, helps in reshaping of the body and removes cellulite and fat. In combination with other programs has a relaxing effect on the entire organism. It helps in the elimination of toxiy substances and excess fluids from the body.

45 min / 35€


Soft Pack System

Waterbed is the basis for the therapy wraps to ensure optimum effectiveness of natural substances and is also very comfortable. Waterbed has a constant temperature of around 39°C, which provides a complete relaxation of the body. You can choose between various natural wraps:

  • BABOR Mud Wrap – heat therapy to detoxify the body, recommended in anti-cellulite treatments and in case of rheumatic diseases
  • Thalasso Therapy – algae wrap promotes the removal of toxiy substances from the body and at the same time moisturizes and nourishes the skin
  • Chocolate Wrap – nurtures and nourishes the skin and increases its elasticity


45 min / 39€