Facial Care Skinovage

Basic facial care for individual skin types. With special ingredients and detoxifying effect, skin will be renovated and revive. The skin will also be more protected, calm and resistant. The redness and skin imprefections will be reduced. 90 minuted ritual includes eyevrow shaping and deep skin cleansing. 60 min / 55€, 90 min / 65€


Massage and Face Mask

First we clean the skin and the procedure is followed by chosen release massage technique. After the massage a mask is applied accoeding to the skin type. 45 min / 38€


HSR Lifting Facial Care

Care with a unique HSR Lifting complex with up to 4 times better lifting effect. 90 min / 80€


SeaCreation Facial Care

New energy, visible cell regeneration and lasting effect. Revolutionary anti-aging line of skin products with ingredients from the sea depths. 120 min / 199€


ReVersive Facial Care

Luxury facial care with rejunevating effect. Treatment for intensive relaxation, rejuvenates and awakens a sense of happiness. 100 min / 130€


Refreshing Facial Care

Short and refreshing care with the cosmetic line BABOR selected according to skin type. Care suited for HER and HIM. Not included deep cleansing. Suitable for freshening and moisten the skin. 30 min / 36€




Derma Cellular Detox Care

Facial care for stressed skin with tired and dull complexion. 90 min / 80€


Neuro Sensitive Cellular Care

Care for extremly dry and hyper sensitive skin or in case of atopical dermatitis. 60 min / 70 min


Purity Cellular Care

Face care with deep cleansing. Ideal care for problematic – acne related skin. 90 min / 80€


Whitening Cellular Care

Care to remove pigmentation blemishes and skin imperfections. 60 min / 70€


Non-surgical Face Lifting

Facial care with readiofrequency and cryotherapy for improvement of skin tone to reduce the wrinkles. 140 min / 120€


Additional Manicure Services:

Facial and decollette lymphatic drainage  20 min / 20€

Micro-dermal abrasion or diamond peeling  20 min / 20€

Deep skin cleansing  30 min / 10€

Eyebrow shaping  8€

Eyebrow colouring  8€

Eyelashes colouring  8€


*Additional services cannot be ordered as standalone services.