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Open every day between 12.00 and 23.00


The recognizable culinary offer of the A' la carte restaurant of the Habakuk Hotel is marked by genuine tastes, sophisticatedly selected ingredients and creative dishes, which enriches the guest’s culinary horizon and evokes a gastronomic experience.
The rainbow of international meals (beef carpaccio with wine, smoked salmon with mustard dipping sauce) is completed by local specialties (local dumplings with ricotta, water noodles with porcini and chanterelles) and the tenderness of sweet flavors (chocolate fondant with berries) to top off the experience.

Culinary art gets its true flavor only with the selected wine accompaniment; therefore, in our wine cart, you will find the wines from all wine-rich regions of Slovenia, as well as a rich selection of foreign wines from different countries and provinces of France, Portugal, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, etc.

Let our sommeliers and culinary experts, who will present Habakuk’s selected stories to you, also give you advice!




The Mezzanin coffehousE


The opening hours of the Mezzanin coffeehouse are from 7 am until midnight. In a calm and elegant atmosphere, we offer you fresh local cakes, fruit cups, and delicious snacks. The diversity of the offer is enriched by the offer of different types of true tea (tropic nights, explosion of vitamins, Rooibos pur, gunpowder, tea flower, local fruit, Pina colada). For all wine lovers, we have prepared sparkling wines, supreme-quality white and red wines. We also offer a wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. When the weather is nice, you can also enjoy yourselves at the Country sunny terrace, with a view of the green surrounding area.

* Open between 7, and 24. h.

Hotel restaurant

At the hotel restaurant, we serve full-board meals from 7 am until 9 pm - breakfast is served from 7 am until 10 am, lunch from noon until 3 pm, and dinner from 7 pm until 9 pm. Breakfast is available as a buffet with self-service, while dinner and lunch are available as a buffet with self-service or classic type of service. Daily light, genuine culinary tastes and excellent service contribute to the perfection of culinary pleasures.


Restaurant Zimski vrt


In the pleasant environment of the restaurant Zimski vrt meals are served a la carte from a wide culinary range. The culinary experience is perfected with an attractive view from the summer terrace of the Habakuk Hotel.

The restaurant is suitable for groups of up to 50 persons.

Catering - Business events


Whether your company will present new products, give out awards, met with important partners, or just presented to the public; you might just organize a gala dinner for your colleagues.

Our catering experts will be assisting you from the very beginning to the completion of your event. You and your partners will be able to experience the evening, a business lunch or a short banquet without worries and indulge in the atmosphere of your event.



There are countless reasons to throw a party and invite friends and acquaintances. There are moments which we don't want to forget, moments that need finishing touches, family celebrations; throwing a party of a lifetime, and moments suitable for indulging in the summer or the New Year's Eve atmosphere. These events call for a celebration. We at Terme Maribor will conjure up unique gastronomy experiences that will seduce your most memorable moments into the magical world of flavors..


Considering your expectations and wishes we manage the following banquets:

Banquet catering up to 100 guests

  • Classic service 4 to 6-course menu.

Small-scale catering: 20 to 200 guests

  • Cold buffet (15 – 20 various cold dishes, selection of cheeses with dried fruits, 5 – 7 different deserts, season salad buffet),
  • Cold-hot buffet (5 cold appetizers, 3 meat main dishes, one fish main dish, one vegetarian main dish, 5 side dishes, season salad buffet, 5 different deserts),
  • Finger Food (2 – 6 sorts of meat canapes, 2 sorts of vegetarian canapes, 5 – 8 different fruit or sweet mignons).

Mid-scale catering: 200 to 1000 guests

  • Cold buffet (15 – 20 various cold dishes, selection of cheeses with dried fruits, 5 – 7 different deserts, season salad buffet),
  • Cold-hot buffet (5 cold appetizers, 3 meat main dishes, one fish main dish, one vegetarian main dish, 5 side dishes, season salad buffet, 5 different deserts),

Big-scale catering: 1500 to 3000 guests

  • Self-service banquet on service counters (three soups, three main courses with side dishes, season salad buffet, desert).

Banquet includes:

  • appropriate number of the kitchen and catering staff,
  • tables, table cloths, decorations, setting up and clearing away the room,
  • china, glasses and tableware.


Carpaccio of beef on rocket with parmesan and balsamic dressing 9,90 EUR
Deer prosciutto with game terrine and cranberries 9,90 EUR
Cold smoked trout with buckwheat porridge and horseradish 8,20 EUR
Beef styrian soup with vegetables and noodles 4,00 EUR
Pea cappuccino with cigar and spelt 4,50 EUR
Mushroom soup with cigar 4,50 EUR
Au gratin fish soup with lemon grass and shrimps 5,80 EUR
Smoked duck breasts on herb risotto 9,20 EUR
Goose liver on potato quiche with cranberries and truffles 16,00 EUR
Pike-perch fillet with barley risotto 19,00 EUR
Piran sea bass fillet with quinoa and tomato concasse 19,00 EUR
Pohorje beef with cepe mushroom gibanica and vegetables 24,00 EUR
Lamb cutlets with creamy polenta, pickled pear and grilled vegetables 21,00 EUR
Rib eye steak (250g) with herb butter, mediterranean vegetables and baked potatoes 24,00 EUR
Breast of chicken with corn wrap, roast potatoes and fried onions 15,00 EUR
Noodles with eggplant, cherry tomatoes, basil and parmesan chips 9,50 EUR
Stuffed champignons with goat cheese on carrot puree 8,90 EUR
Greek salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, onion, feta cheese, olives) 6,00 EUR
Caesar salad (selected salad,turkey noodles grilled, yoghourt sauce) 9,00 EUR
Beef tagliata (roastbeef, rocket with parmesan, cherry tomatoes, melon and balsamic vinegar) 12,00 EUR
Salad with fried chicken fillet (salad with baked champignons, fried chicken fillet with sesame, cherry tomatoes) 9,00 EUR
Mixed seasonal salad 4,00 EUR
Chocolate fondant with ice cream and forest fruits 4,80 EUR
Sweet trio 4,50 EUR
Pohorje Omelette for 2 person 10,00 EUR
Selection of cheeses with dried fruit and jams 9,00 EUR
Goat cheese with honey and pepper 8,00 EUR






Lunch -16€

Lunch without a starter - 13€


Reservations: (02) 300 81 00

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