The Business Club of the Hotel Piramida comprises a large lecturing hall (amphitheatre), a conference hall and a conference room.
This four-star business hotel is found in the very center of Maribor.



Business club equipment in the hotel Piramida:

  • ceiling projector; which enables projection of pictures from a video recorder, a computer (CD ROM) and TV personal computer (Pentium)
  • graphoscope
  • slide projector
  • video imager for projection of non-transparent material
  • printing board with computer attachments for computer linf up
  • direct telephone and fax lines
  • table and cableless microphones, each room has its own acoustic system
  • possibility of organising video conferences
  • equipment for simultaneous translating (supplementary payment)


  • Quality services of the business club with many years of tradition.
  • Outfitted with modern technology.
  • Free wireless internet access for all participants.
  • Extremely wide variety of events in town.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • Parking in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

This room measures 130 m². With seating set up in rows, it can accommodate up to 95 participants and is outfitted will all the necessary technical equipment, including interpreting booths.





This hall measures 140 m² and its U-shaped layout can accommodate up to 18 participants. It is also suitable for getting together during breaks.






This room measures 65 m². It can accommodate up to 40 participants with seating in rows, 22 in a U-shaped layout, and 20 in a semicircular layout. The hall is equipped with all modern technical equipment and interpreting booths.







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