Anti-Stress Center

Surrender to the touch of positive energy. Free your mind and indulge in a variety of completely relaxing massages. It consists of two separate rooms, where guests can relax in combined dry-wet sauna with colour therapy, or let themselves be pampered with various massages.


Massage room

" Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old" (Franz Kafka)


Relax massage 45 min - 34,00 EUR
Long massage movements, light and strong pressures relax all parts of the body. Special oils boost the effect of the body massage.


Relax massage with essential oils 45 min - 39,00 EUR
Soothing essential oils complement the classical massage.


Relax partial body massage 20 min - 20,00 EUR


Reflexive foot massage 20 min - 20,00 EUR
This accurate, gentle acupressure massage of the feet rouses vital functions and results in a feeling of complete relaxation and satisfaction.


Vitamin body cocktail 50 min - 45,00 EUR
ACE vitamin body care will take care for your daily vitamin cocktail. Enjoy the smell and feel of different citrus, which will restore your skin's smoothness.


Full body herbal peeling 20 min - 18,00 EUR


Pampering your senses 90 min- 70,00 EUR
Herbal piling after the sauna will establish harmony in your body and will prepare you on revitalizing massage with esseintial oils. Including 30 min sauna usage

The Relaxation Centre is open to hotel guests from 6.00 to 24.00 hours, for outside guests from 10.00 to 22.00 hours daily.