Free transport in the Maribor's city center

23.01.2018 08:00

M ajster, a new electric vehicle that conquers streets in the middle of the city of Maribor, is becoming more and more popular with citizens as well as visitors and tourists, with its free and sustainable service, ; access to various institutions, sights, shops and catering establishments in the middle of the city.


It's a mini electric vehicle that does not have an outlined route, it's free and does not have an entry fee. It is friendly to people with the ascent of the ascent for the disabled and the environment, as it does not emit exhaust gases, and thus follows the goals of sustainable development in Slovenia.


Transport offers to all peers inside Gregorčičeva Street in the north, Strossmayerova ulica in the west and the beginning of Prešerenova street in the east. It also takes you to the market on the Korosko road and to Lent, and can accommodate up to fourteen passengers.


When you notice it, do not hesitate to call: "Majster stops!" and let yourself drive to a selected location in the city center.

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