The Pohorje Hills are a green oasis on the eastern edge of the Alps, between the Drava River to the north and the Slovenj Gradec basin, the Vitanje Lowland, the Dravinja Hills, and the Drava-Ptuj Plain to the south. This is a world of extensive forests, hidden lakes, wild gorges, waterfalls, marshes, and wonderful plains and vantage points. Gentle paths, clean air, the invigorating chill of clear mountain streams, lush vegetation, and greenery are everywhere.







Ride along various paved and gravel roads suitable for both families with children and experienced cyclists.






Hiking, nordic walk


Discover learning trails, woods, virgin forests, and countless streams.




Skiing on Pohorje


Maribor Pohorje is Slovenia’s largest ski resort. When snow paints the Pohorje slopes white, you can have fun skiing, snowboarding, or cross-country skiing.





Restavracija Hotel Piramida



Black Lake, Šumik Falls and Virgin Forest, Lovrenc Bog, Old Forest Glassworks.

Pohorje is a shelter for good fairies among the rocks and cliffs in the middle of dark woods ...





Swimming in thermal water


At the Hotel Habakuk and the Fontana Medical Thermal Center, our guests can use the indoor and outdoor pools and whirlpool baths with thermal water to enhance their health and wellbeing. Immerse yourself in the world of thermal waters, available every day of the year, and experience their beneficial and healing effects.

The water in the pools ranges between 29 and 35 °C and is rich in iodides and fluorides. Thermal water has beneficial effects on disorders of the joints, connective tissue, muscles, and bones, as well as circulatory, metabolic, psychosomatic, and other complaints.

Swimming is a form of recreation that has a holistic effect on the body’s growth and development. It offers outstanding exercise for the respiratory muscles, contributes to better blood circulation, and has a beneficial effect on cognitive functioning.








Dravska vila

Trips with the Dravska vila boat


Cruising along the river Drava offers visitors a completely new view of the city. Take a trip on the river Drava with the Dravska vila tourist boat!


Enjoy the view of the Drava embankment of Maribor's famous Lent, during the trip you can enjoy confectionaries or treat yourself to an excellent cup of coffee in the boat's coffee bar.





Maribor in two hours


Maribor and its old town core will enrapture you with cultural-historical sights and the warm hospitality of the Mariborians. Take time and discover the most attractive corners of our city: wonderful city squares with notable buildings, Lent with the oldest grape vine in the world, the City park with three ponds and Piramida... In little streets there are numerous inviting coffeehouses and teahouses, where full of experiences you can conclude your sightseeing trip around the city and chat with your friends.





Botanical Garden of University of Maribor Pivola


Do you enjoy being surrounded by colourful plants or are interested in the finer details of botany?


In the botanical garden - you will find it below the green slopes of Pohorje – visitors are surrounded by domestic and foreign flora. Admire them during a walk through the garden or with the help of a guided tour (bookings should be made in advance) get acquainted with happenings in the field of botany here in Slovenia as well as new happenings around the world.





Ride through Maribor with the city train Jurček


City tourist train Jurček delights children as well as adults who want to get acquainted with the city in a different way. And there is no need to walk!


Train rides can be taken with or without a guide, and you can also hire the whole train and invite your friends, colleagues or guests on a really special trip!





Restaurant 'Pri treh ribnikih'


Restaurant 'Pri treh ribnikih' also named 'Klicek' is the oldest inn in Maribor and operates continuously since the year 1825. Our kitchen goodies are based on traditional slovenian and regional recipes with a touch of modernity in the preparation and presentation of dishes. Accompanying the dishes is a selection of Slovenian wines with an emphasis on regional wine producers.





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